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America First
Adaptive LLC Earns An 'America First' Certification!
May 18, 2017

Adaptive LLC, (, a web design and communications company, recently earned an 'America First' certification.

Eric Dallman, the President of Adaptive Media, stated "The 'America First' certification gives us a competitive advantage. With it, our clients know 100% of their work is done in the US and will comply with copyright and intellectual property laws."

"This is important because, as a digital creative agency, we face significant competition from around the world. Competing agencies will sometimes use US addresses or phone numbers, or even contract with US-based people to set up what looks like a US-based company in order to establish credibility here in America. However, the reality is these firms outsource all the work to low-cost and sometimes questionable foreign markets. These firms are not subject to US laws and many of our clients have horror stories of offshoring work and refuse to work with any firm that cannot prove they are 100% US-based. Worse yet, a client's intellectual property can be stolen or the work not properly sourced or even originally-authored."


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