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America First

The Verification Process

certified through

We certify companies that create and support sustainable American jobs and contribute to the economic vitality of the nation.

Essentially, we look at five key metrics: your People, Places, Products, Sourcing, and Taxation as shown below, with your point score determining whether you earn a Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze certification.

(Up to 40 points)
Does your organization creeate jobs for Americans, who then pay taxes and spend their money locally?
(Up to 20 points)
Calculated by the percentage of your products or services that are made, assembled, or serviced in America
(Up to 20 points)
You earn points if your offices, plants, and other facilities are housed in America, thereby creating American jobs and tax revenues
(Up to 15 points)
Based on the portion of your parts, materials, or services that are sourced from other American companies
(Up to 5 points)
Points are earned for paying federal, state, property, and other taxes to America
Here's what your 'America First' certification means for American workers and our economy:

Some of the things we grade on include:

  • What percentage of your employees are based in the United States
  • Are your physical locations based in the United States
  • Does the company produce or make its products in the United States
  • Is the company headquartered in the United States, thus paying federal, state and local taxes
  • Does the company source all or virtually all of its materials from domestic sources

It generally takes less than 30 days for us verify, then send, your certification seal.

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