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America First

Your Certification Seal

Once approved, you will receive a certification seal that can be used on your website, products, packaging, marketing materials, etc. Each seal shows the date through which your organization is certified.

Having the seal shows that:certified through

  • Your organization’s people, products, places, sourcing, and taxation are done primarily in America
  • You are creating or keeping American jobs
  • Your organization pays wages and taxes that help the local, regional, and national economies

Further, an 'America First' certification helps people searching for American-made products to identify your organization, and definitely helps to differentiate you from your competition!


"The 'America First'' certification gives us a competitive advantage. With it, our clients know 100% of their work is done in the US and will comply with copyright and intellectual property laws."
Eric Dallman, President of Adaptive Media

"As an attorney, the America First certification differentiates my firm from other firms that outsource portions of client work."
Jeff Timmons, Attorney

"To our company, this certification is much more than a “Made in the USA” stamp. It definitely shows that my company buys, hires, and supports the American economy."
Mike Marcil, CEO, Energy Media Group

"This certification assures my customers that my products are authentically American-made, and it definitely gives me a competitive advantage."
Sharon Feldstein, Artist and Owner,

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