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Our company has provided certifications to individuals and organizations in multiple industries for more than 20 years.

Over that time, we have seen first-hand the difference a certification can make for individuals applying for jobs and asking for raises and promotions. The same is true for organizations, as a certification can help differentiate themselves from competitors.

Now, with the 'America First' certification program, companies can promote themselves for buying, hiring, and sourcing American to gain more visibility and generate more revenues.

Three Things Inspired The 'America First' Certification Program

First, we have certified individuals and organizations for over 20 years, so it was an easy transition to certify companies. The second reason was part philanthropical: We already have a relationship with the Wounded Warrior Project where we provide free training to our vets, and were looking for additional ways to help our vets, so we designed the 'America First' program to donate a percentage of all proceeds to vet organizations.

The final impetus was the poll we did through the Opinion Research Corporation. This poll showed that 70% of people support a "Buy American, Hire American" policy, and that 83% of those would pay more for an American-made product, so we felt that this was a reason that an 'America First' certification program would be successful.

So were obviously ecstatic when we heard "Buy American, Hire American" throughout the 2016 election. In fact, one of our friends called it free advertising!

How The 'America First' Certification Program Helps America

Many businesses already buy and hire American, but the question is "How do they let their customers know?". By having an 'America First' certification, businesses:

  • Have a way to gain more visibility and a competitive advantage
  • Can hopefully help qualify businesses for any future government rules or requirements
  • Should help generate revenues from individuals who prefer to buy and hire American

Essentially, the America First certification helps organizations tell their customers, suppliers, the general public – and perhaps the government – that they have certification from a trusted third-party that shows their commitment to improving American economic vitality.

This is true because the 'America First' certification looks at five things: people, products, places, sourcing, and taxation. In other words, we don't just look to see if the final product was assembled in America - though the parts or components could come from other countries - but that the jobs, taxes, and wages paid to American employees help grow the local, regional, and national economies.

So not only do companies benefit, but our vets benefit from our donations, and our country get improved economic vitality of America. Not bad from one certification.


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